About Us

ArtsCause exists for the benefit of the arts community.  Our goal is to help increase awareness and funding for community arts projects.

ArtsCause helps a variety of community arts projects and other arts based programs reach out to donors interested in supporting their cause. Creative projects of all sizes, big and small have come to life with the support of people like you.

If you believe that art is essential and that it has the power to transform individuals and communities, then we need your support.

We believe that the combined approach of fundraising and philanthropy will help to transform arts and culture. Through member support, we envision a dynamic arts and cultural ecosystem.

Our Mission

At ArtsCause, we help bring community arts projects to life. Through our arts funding platform, we promote creative community arts programs that make a difference. Big or small, community arts programs rely on you and your support for their survival. Click here to browse art campaigns!

Through the artscause.com web portal, community arts projects and artists get the word out about their needs in order to raise awareness and funding. If you are a community arts organization and would like to create your own arts campaign, start here!