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With you can have your own customizable fundraising website with all the features and no hassle! The current reality of fundraising ideas for nonprofits is that they're mostly difficult and expensive. Many large nonprofits hire for-profit companies to run fundraising campaigns for them. That can take more than half of each dollar that is donated in fees!

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Just share your customized fundraising site and embed it in your organization's existing website or blog. You'll be amazed by how many people are ready to support your arts cause. Our easy connections to Facebook, Twitter, text and email make it so easy to spread the word. Be relentless. And remember to have fun!

All donations made to your fundraising website are securely processed using our payment partners, and, unlike some other online fundraising tools the money you raise with is yours immediately, with no restrictions. Compare our 10% fee with the amount of money charged by just about any other fundraising company. Any nonprofit can easily run a successful online fundraising campaign with an donation website. Stop searching for new fundraising tools for nonprofits and start raising money today!

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