For Love of Chocolate

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  INTRODUCTION Hello. My name is Shawn Schwartz. I want to share a story with you about our rapidly globalizing world by following the complex and long journey that Cocoa takes before it arrives in your bar of chocolate or cup of hot chocolate.   I am the director and producer of the documentary “For Love of Chocolate” set to be released in 2020. This documentary developed primarily from our team's intellectual curiosity as filmmakers. We examined the current arena of documentaries, asking questions like, what documentaries are out there? How are they addressing their respective topics? What is important to which audience? Where can we make a contribution and—more importantly—an impact? We then recognized the global importance of one of the most everyday things that we share—Cocoa.       IMPACT This film examines the realities of globalization through the lens of Cocoa. We will look at the life of growers on Cocoa farms from the Dominican Republic to Cameroon, the international trade structures critical to the success of the industry, and the effects of globalization on the day-to-day life of some of the largest consumers of Cocoa—people in the United States. You will learn more about international trade policies, Cocoa as a commodity, and agricultural details that often go unexamined. All of these topics directly impact our lives. But, how? And, how do they affect those on the other side, beyond the borders of the United States? Through this film, we want to show you how.     FINANCIAL OVERVIEW ArtsCause serves as the second stage of a three-tiered financial campaign for the documentary. Funds from this ArtsCause campaign will sustain film production throughout 2017 and 2018. The film’s financial campaign, along with its progress, involves the following: Tier One
  • Amount: $6,000
  • Purpose: funding for film launch and initial trip to Brazil to begin research and production (October 2016 – present)
  • Source: individual investors
  • Timeline: October 2016
Tier Two
  • Amount: $35,000
  • Purpose: funding for film production and research (July 2017 – June 2018)
  • Source: ArtsCause campaign
  • Timeline: March – June 2017
Tier Three
  • Amount: approximately $50,000
  • Purpose: funding for film’s final stages of production and post-production work (August 2018 – completion)
  • Source: various grants and fellowships
Timeline: June 2017 – June 2019   BE A PART OF THE FILM BEYOND FUNDING In addition to your financial contributions, your involvement across all social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube—will also be incredibly valuable. Chances are, there is someone out there who would love to support this film, but simply does not know that we exist. Sharing and liking our social media posts, as well as telling folks about the film, will make a significant difference. This campaign runs for only 60 days… actually, less than 60 days now that it’s up. And the clock is ticking! And once it is complete, we will be even busier doing the hard, but rewarding, work of producing the film that you want to see. Our ability to support your interests over these next three years will ultimately be what makes the difference. We look forward to you joining us on this journey and international effort!
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Name Donate Amount Date
Abner Williams $600.00 June 06, 2017
abel taylor $20.00 June 06, 2017
joy novik $30.00 June 06, 2017
mirela paul $50.00 June 06, 2017
jamie novick $12.00 June 06, 2017
tunbola ogunwande $20.00 June 06, 2017
mike kondrashin $20.00 June 05, 2017
anna kovalova $30.00 June 05, 2017
sam koren $14.00 June 05, 2017

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