Lakeshire Theater Restoration

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The Lakeshire Theater, located on Broadway Ave. in Morristown, was originally built in 1911, then, re-built in 1938 after a terrible fire. Lakeshire Theater official closed as a movie theater, in 1996.  (photo from 1938)

We would love to bring this historical piece of Morristown back to life, as it was in 1938 and turn it into a community arts center. The Lakeshire Community Arts Center will be a model for a true community center - not one imposed on a community, but one built by the community.  Our activities are designed to rebuild social networks, empower people and organize around a common vision.

We will maintain all of the original exterior & interior detail that is in good condition, while updating & repairing several things, such as energy efficiency, functionality, curb appeal, and new paint & flooring. 

Countless Morristown folks have expressed their extreme appreciation for this building, and all of the memories they had as children. Restoring the Lakeshire Theater would boost the appearance of Broadway Ave., and give a piece of "Original Morristown" back to people that spent many summers here in the 1930's through 1990's!

The funds raised for this project will revive the history of the Lakeshire Theater.  We want to make sure we do everything right the first time, so we are going to hire the Sinclair Group (architects & engineers) to prepare the building's restoration plans. That alone, will cost around $5,000 for their expert services. There are appx. 600 marquee light bulbs. We would like to replace all existing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs to improve efficiency, and assure each socket has a functioning light. This piece of the project alone, will cost appx $2,500.

 The main auditorium will be used as a photography studio for the public to use. The auditorium and stage will also serve as a banquet/reception hall for wedding receptions, events, parties, reunions, etc... Currently, the auditorium has a level floor, with thin, stained carpet, as it was being used for youth events for a local church. We would like to replace this carpet with a laminate/hard surface, more appealing to the eyes for high end events. We would also apply a fresh coat of white paint in the entire 4,000 sq ft building. Due to games being played during youth events, several ceiling tiles will need replaced as well.

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Name Donate Amount Date
abel taylor $566.00 June 06, 2017
joy novik $700.00 June 06, 2017
mirela paul $110.00 June 06, 2017
matt lind $60.00 June 06, 2017
jamie novick $90.00 June 06, 2017
omar abu $70.00 June 06, 2017
camilo rodriguez $80.00 June 06, 2017
kacper warda $400.00 June 06, 2017
tunbola ogunwande $100.00 June 06, 2017
mike kondrashin $500.00 June 05, 2017
anna kovalova $70.00 June 05, 2017
maged adel $80.00 June 05, 2017
sam koren $70.00 June 05, 2017

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