Kid’s Environment Film Education Program

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Who are we?

Launched in 2004, the International Environment Film Festival (IEFF) is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco dedicated to presenting exceptional environmental related films to increase public awareness of the environmental, social and cultural importance of marine ecosystems and to foster an active public spirit of environmental stewardship.


Every year, we host a four-day film festival featuring films from an international array of filmmakers.  In addition, the IIFF host a two-day free student education program that reaches more than 1,200 middle school and high school students each year, as well as the International Student Film Competition for middle school and high school students worldwide.

Why are we raising money?

As we continue to expand, we need to raise more funding to help maintain our free educational program which ensures that students from across the Bay Area can have access to this program.  Check out our Free Education Program here:


How will the funds be used?

We are raising money to help us provide the following to our middle and high school kids:


1. Buses to pick up & drop off students at the film festival ($5,000)


2. Theatre rental for the Free Educational Program ($3,000)


3. Materials for the kids to take home from the Free Educational Program ($5,000)


4. Part-time educator outreach coordinator to recruit schools ($7,000)


Why is this important to all of us?

This is a very valuable component of the program because we believe all kids should have access to learn about the ocean.  Not only do the films teach the kids about the environment, it opens their minds to career possibilities such as marine scientists, ecologists and filmmakers. 



How thankful we, IEFF and the students will be!

Here are some quotes from the students:


Thank you for teaching us about the Environment, our planet, animals and the type of ecology films people make. It makes me interested in ecological things, animals, and saving the planet! - Susan, 7th grader

There is no news for this project
Name Donate Amount Date
jamie novick $75.00 June 09, 2017
walter walter $15.00 May 15, 2017
zohn zohn $50.00 May 15, 2017
mrifh mrifh $15.00 May 15, 2017
aanush aanush $13.00 May 15, 2017
kulis kulis $10.00 May 15, 2017
shaana shaana $50.00 May 15, 2017
shriyan shriyan $50.00 May 15, 2017
usuf usuf $20.00 May 15, 2017
usuf usuf $10.00 May 15, 2017
greham bell $5.00 May 15, 2017
James gray $10.00 May 15, 2017
marsal marsal $90.00 May 15, 2017
missal missal $50.00 May 15, 2017
polo polo $80.00 May 15, 2017
michel michel $430.00 May 15, 2017
carroll hart $17.00 May 15, 2017
carroll hart $12.00 May 15, 2017
carroll hart $10.00 May 15, 2017
ray olsol $10.00 May 15, 2017
arnold laport $50.00 May 15, 2017
berry arnold $10.00 May 15, 2017
perkins john $18.00 May 15, 2017
dunn hadson $15.00 May 15, 2017
rose stone $25.00 May 15, 2017
grant knight $30.00 May 15, 2017
mills NICHOLS $10.00 May 15, 2017
deniels palmor $10.00 May 15, 2017
henry boyd $100.00 May 15, 2017
John Willams $10.00 May 12, 2017

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